Client Testimonies

Nov 30, 2019

Here are some testimonies about my work from clients, as well as work supervisors.

“Having worked with Peter for more than 4 years, I can attest to his professionalism, leadership, commitment to quality, vast technical expertise, and exceptional character. He is truly a valuable asset who can deliver sustainable, efficient and effective operational results.”

Robert Ames, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Operations at NewBay Media

“I have worked with Peter for over six years and have seen firsthand his expert problem-solving and project management skills in action. Always looking to learn in the changing world of digital media and grow his skills, he has proven to be an experienced senior leader of the digital team at NewBay Media and is heavily relied on for his opinion and insight.”

Joseph Ferrick, Former Vice President of Digital Strategy and Operations, NewBay Media

“One of the hardest parts of developing a company database is finding the right programmer to do the job. I like working with Peter Brown because he always tries to understand the project from the user’s point of view. He makes a lot of effort to anticipate needs and goes the extra mile to make sure the process is complete. He’s logical, clever and thorough. I’ve worked with Peter for two years now and find him to be very responsive; extremely knowledgeable; reliable; and a real pleasure to work with.”

John Allen, Former Director of Information Technology, David Lewis Company, Inc.

“Of the dozens of programmers with whom we have had contact during the past couple of years, Peter Brown stands head and shoulders above the rest. This I say categorically and without hesitation. The programming he has written for us works very well. Peter is a rare combination of talent, competence and responsibility. My only regret is that I did not find him sooner!”

Daniel K. Berman, Ph.D., Former Publishing Firm Client

“Ten years ago Peter Brown wrote a large database program for Central Virginia Maintenance that has proven to be extremely robust. [The] program has demonstrated its complete Y2K compliance. We’ve processed millions of dollars in invoices with this program. We use this program on a daily basis and couldn’t imagine life without it now. It has been an enjoyable and trouble-free program.”

Lorrie Shumaker ~ Former Office Manager, Central Virginia Maintenance and Pipeline Services

“A number of years ago while doing a web search for a database developer, I came across Peter Brown and was impressed enough by his website that I decided to call him. From that first phone call, I knew I had found the developer that I was looking for. His professional manner, broad knowledge base and his willingness to help lead me and flex with me was invaluable as I worked through the process of designing a database that fit my specific needs and in getting that database online. Over the past few years, Peter has always been available at a moment’s notice when the need arose to help fix broken web links or modify the database as our needs evolved. His integrity and professionalism are rare commodities these days. I have no compunctions in highly recommending him to anyone needing database development.”

Tim Veenstra, CEO of Airborne Technologies Incorporated

“I was part of the management team that hired Peter in 2005. His calm demeanor, quick understanding of our business issues and high technical competence were key in moving IMAS from an elementary digital operation to a modern, agile and competitive digital player. His work was key to the business growth we experienced over the next few years, and helped position IMAS for eventual sale to a larger media company. Post-sale, Peter remained a valuable part of the NewBay team, working creatively and diligently to provide new solutions for us and help NewBay evolve as a digital media player. He's smart, reliable and extremely competent (plus an all-around nice guy). He's a pleasure to work with, and will be an important asset to anybody looking to upgrade their digital team.”

Carmel King, VP Media Tech Group at Future plc

Peter Falkenberg Brown has been a database programmer since 1987, and started creating web database applications in 1996, using Perl and MySQL. He's been working with PHP since 2007, and specializes in web database apps, which is often described as "backend programming," rather than "front-end" or "full-stack" development. He offers a certain amount of full-stack programming services, using CSS and some Javascript, including responsive design with PocketGrid. He's also a writer.

He spent almost thirteen years as the Director of Web Operations for NewBay Media (and a company NewBay purchased, called IMAS Publishing). NewBay was a magazine publishing house in Manhattan, and has since been acquired by Future plc in England. Brown lives in Maine and loves the ocean.

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“His integrity and professionalism are rare commodities these days.”
“My only regret is that I did not find him sooner!”

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Custom Web Database Apps

I've built many custom and complex web database apps over the years. Here are a few of them, below. For more information about them, click on the Custom Web Apps page.

► Web Help Ticket System

►Web Domain Management & Account Creation Application

► Business Success Analysis Program

► Web Database Framework and Management Application

► Web Database App to Monitor Oceanic Buoys with Satellite Emails

► Financial Staffing Program

► A Custom CMS (Content Management System)

► A Custom Shopping Cart for a Jewelry Store

► Web Forms to Collect Data for Magazine Catalogs and Directories

► Web Discussion Forum

► MySQL Backup Script

► Simple Form Processor

► Desktop Invoicing System